Robert Graham 1874

The Core Collection

Ailein Mor

Highland Single Malt Whisky
Meaning “Great Green Valley” in Gaelic.
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Blended Malt Whisky
Gaelic for “Basking Shark” after the enormous shark that swims up the west coast of Scotland every autumn passing many great distilleries along the way. 
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Islay Single Malt Whisky
Gaelic for “Small Rocky Hill” 
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Lochwood Tower

Lowland Single Malt Whisky
The Clan Johnstone, once one of the most powerful of the Border River Scottish Clans, for over 600 years cast their watchful eye over the Borders from Lochwood Tower. This dram is dedicated to them and to my family - Stephen James Johnstone. 
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Smokin' Stag

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Robert Graham
A Multi-award winning
independent whisky bottler.

Ailein Mor

Discover Our Exclusive Highland Single Malt - Ailein Mor Now Bottled at 43% ABV

A Highland Classic, Elevated in Strength 
Our exclusive Highland single malt, renowned for its excellence, now arrives at an impressive 43% ABV. This new rendition builds upon the legacy of the previous edition, which, bottled at 40%, claimed the Silver Medal at the International Spirits Challenge in 2014 and earned the Highland Independent Bottler of the Year Award in 2012.

A Higher Strength for Enhanced Flavor
This enhanced version of the same whisky offers a captivating journey, intensifying its flavors and complexity to delight your palate.

A Highland Home's Warm Embrace
A subtle shift from the fresh, grassy notes of the Highland glens transports you to the cozy living room of a Highland home. The higher strength Ailein Mor reveals a bolder character with a sweet and spicy twist. The nose is richer, boasting a distinct oak spice note while retaining its mild vegetal character. Hints of warming cloves and coffee bean evoke the aroma of freshly brewed spiced coffee.

An Adventure in Taste 
On the palate, expect a mellow arrival with sweet spice notes, dried fruit, and a touch of vanilla. It evolves with more pronounced dried fruit nuances, including raisins and dates, alongside hints of malt sugar and dark chocolate.

A Sweet and Lengthy Finish 
The finish is long and sweet, leaving a gentle note of orange peel as a parting gift.

Elevate your whisky experience with our exclusive Highland single malt, now at 43% ABV - a journey of flavor and tradition that deserves your attention.


Discover Cearban - Our Exclusive Blended Malt Whisky

A Unique Whisky Inspired by Nature's Majesty 
'Cearban,' the Gaelic term for 'basking shark,' pays homage to the creature that graces the west coast of Scotland each autumn, passing some of the country's most renowned distilleries. It's from these illustrious distilleries that 'Cearban' draws its robust and bold character.

A Whisky of Distinctive Aromas 
On the nose, expect the inviting scents of roasted nuts and rich malt sugar, complemented by a fresh mineral note reminiscent of the sea spray on a windswept day along the west coast.

An Adventure for Your Palate 
The arrival on your palate is a gentle and slightly dry experience, with hints of stewed fruit richness that boldly evolve into sweet dried fruits and a subtle touch of warming liquor chocolates.

A Finish with Character
The finish is concise and dry, leaving behind traces of roasted hazelnuts, like the echoes of an Atlantic storm.

'Cearban' invites you to sit by a warm hearth as a tempest rages outside, with sea spray lingering on your lips—a bold coastal malt that promises an unforgettable experience.


Experience Our Exclusive Islay Single Malt, Hoebeg - Now Bottled at 43% ABV

An Elevated Journey Through Islay 
Our exclusive Islay single malt, known for its exceptional character, now shines at an impressive 43% ABV. The previous version, bottled at 40%, achieved the pinnacle of recognition, claiming a Gold Medal at the International Spirits Award in 2013. With this higher strength rendition, we aim to deliver a more flavorful and complex tasting adventure.

A Peaty Symphony with a Refreshing Twist
On the nose, it greets you with a gentle and warming peat smoke, akin to a slow-burning peat fire. As you delve deeper, hints of barbecued meats emerge, culminating with a subtle presence of seaweed that adds a refreshing dimension.

A Gentle Arrival, A Bold Unfolding 
The palate initially deceives with its gentle entrance, revealing hints of white pepper and peat. However, the journey unfolds, unveiling a long-lasting complexity. Bold notes of smoke, earthy peat, sea salt, and a touch of sweet oak spice and salted caramel take center stage on the finish.

A Complex and Captivating Islay Experience 
Prepare for a journey of complexity and depth, as this Islay single malt offers more flavor than meets the eye.

Elevate your Islay whisky experience with our exclusive single malt, now bottled at 43% ABV - a harmonious blend of peat, smoke, and seaside charm.

Lochwood Tower

Introducing Lochwood Tower -"Explore Our Exclusive Lowland Single Malt - Now at 43% ABV

A Tribute to the Clan Johnstone 
Our exclusive Lowland single malt is now presented at a remarkable 43% ABV. This whisky pays homage to the illustrious Clan Johnstone, once the guardians of the Scottish Borders for over six centuries, with their watchful eyes from Lochwood Tower. Dedicated to them and the Johnstone family by Stephen James Johnstone.

A Taste of Lowland Legacy 
This exquisite Lowland dram captures the essence of the Scottish Lowlands - gentle, yet rich in character. It embodies the whisky style that defines this region, promising a light, yet immensely complex tasting experience.

Nose: A Malty and Crisp Prelude 
The sensory journey begins with a malty and crisp opening, redolent of fresh green apples. This evolves into a sweet vanilla note reminiscent of buttercream icing. As you delve deeper, you'll encounter lighter floral hints, harmonizing with a peppery oak presence that adds captivating depth.

Palate: A Symphony of Flavors 
The first sip unfurls a delightful array of fresh peaches and the creamy allure of a banana milkshake. Honey adds a touch of sweetness, while a subtle but pleasing fiery ginger note kindles the senses. A deeper toffee flavor emerges, enveloping the palate, complemented by a more savory hay characteristic that completes the tasting experience.

Finish: A Sweet Echo of Delight 
The finish lingers with a sweetness that leaves the essence of rhubarb and custard sweets on the tongue, like a fond memory."

A Journey of Tradition and Family 
Immerse yourself in the legacy of Clan Johnstone and the rich tapestry of Lowland whisky. As you savor this exclusive single malt, you're tasting a tribute to both tradition and family.

Smokin' Stag

Smokin' Stag Single Cask Whisky - 70cl, 47.8% abv

A classy, rich and full bodied dram - Smokin' Stag is the ideal accompaniment to a premium cigar.

Smokin' Stag is a release of single cask peated whisky, matured in first fill casks.  If we decide to finish the whisky it will be in an unusual cask, before bottling at a strength that we feel best shows off the spirit for that batch.

Batch 1

Ruadh Maor

Fully matured in a first fill Oloroso cask

Dark chocolate ginger biscuits, coal dust, strawberry creams, subtle malted milk, red lip chews, newly polished mahogany table, driftwood embers

The dark chocolate ginger biscuits come through along with buttered rum, which mixes with subtle smoke leading onto pleasant savoury notes, with oodles of sherry sweetness

Dry with subtle lingering smoke, accented with stewed fruits