Casks of Alba

Welcome to the world of Casks of Alba – the
avant-garde arm of Robert Graham 1874. We're not just talking about whisky; we're talking about a legacy that's been bottling our own whisky since 2002.

Casks of Alba Ltd, are the maestros behind the curtain, who deal in the art of trading Scotch whisky casks. We're the orchestrators of sourcing and trading, marketing and operations for the distinguished RG1874 brands. Picture us as the symphony conductors of Scotch excellence.

Cask Fixed Rate Bond

Introducing our groundbreaking whisky cask fixed rate bond, a venture that prioritises investor well-being and champions transparency every step of the way. We're committed to openness about costs and steer clear of any misleading promises about exorbitant returns..

Here's the twist: unlike other schemes, you won't be burdened with the title of cask owner. Becoming a cask owner demands a WOGWR license and an AWRS certificate, a duo notoriously challenging to obtain. These prerequisites are essential for anyone aspiring to hold casks in the storage warehouses scattered across Scotland and subsequently unveil the final, bottled masterpiece from those very vaults.

With us, you're not just joining an investment scheme; you're diving into a venture that's refreshingly honest, brilliantly transparent, and designed with your prosperity in mind. Contributing to the continued success of Scottish whisky and the Robert Graham 1874 brand. Taking a sensible approach, working towards the Scottish Whisky acknowledged upturn per annum. Say goodbye to the convoluted paths of ownership, and welcome a journey where you reap the rewards without the unnecessary hurdles.

Invest smart, invest with flair

With us, your whisky adventure is not just an investment; it's a spirited celebration of financial wisdom and the liquid gold that unites us all.

Come join us on this exciting journey.

Interested to discuss in more detail, contact us here with any questions and we shall arrange an introductory call to progress.