Robert Graham 1874

A Legacy of Fine Whisky
and Independent Bottlings

Since 1874, Robert Graham has been a cornerstone of retailing in Scotland. Fast forward to 2002, when we proudly started our journey of sourcing some of the best casks of scotch whisky available, enabling us to add, with pride, the Robert Graham 1874 name to the alluring whisky bottle.

Today, we expand on our journey to seek out and offer the finest single malt Scotch to our exclusive range of independent bottlings. Our journey began in the vibrant heart of Glasgow, where the original Robert Graham, once Treasurer of the city and owner of multiple stores, was knighted for his invaluable contributions.

Crafting Excellence
for Over 150 Years

Traditional Values,
Modern Vision

We are the custodians of the business, we remain steadfast in upholding traditional values infused with fresh and innovative thinking. Our commitment to exceptional service stands as strong as ever.

Unveil the Extraordinary

Indulge in exclusive Robert Graham 1874 releases, and meticulously selected independent bottlings.

We take a unique approach to the traditional world of whisky, honoring its old-world charm while not hesitating to chart our own course. Join our community, where we celebrate the extraordinary.

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